Collar & CuffCollar & Cuff C-CC One Size Fits All Affordable Foam and Cotton Sling. Used to immobilize the arm during the treatment of Elbow and Shoulder injuries.
Eye ProtectorsEyeprotector- Adhesive
Eyeprotector with Headstrap
C-EPAI |(Infant)
C-EPA (Premature)
With Headstrap:
C-EPHI (Infant)
C-EPHN (New Born)
C-EPH (Premature)
Adhesive – Premature, InfantWith Headstrap – Premature, Infant & New Bron Made of a Soft, Brushed Nylon & Latex Free Total Block-Out. Can be cut to size for a custom fit. White light of various sources are applied to break down bilirubin which can cause kernicterus (brain damage) in babies. Intense white light can cause serious damage to the retina. Phototherapy Eye Protectors prevent this from happening.
ID Bands with ClipoverID Bands with Clipover C-ID(Size)(Colour) Adult (100) & Infant (200) Made of softer vinyl and provides superior comfort. Secures with “Push-through” mechanism. Writing surface for ink pen which will not smudge when wet.
Adult – Blue (B), Pink (P), Red (R), Yellow (Y), Green (G) & White (W)
Infant – Pink, Yellow, Green & White
Identification Purposes
ID Bands with clipover PaediatricID Bands with Clipover Paediatric C-ID140W (200 units)
C-ID140W100 (100 units)
Neonatal Especially for Infants. Extra fastening holes. Enlarged Writing area. Soft material. White only. Identification Purposes
ID bands Softedge
C-IDC Neonatal Paediatric ID Band. The softest on the market. Identification Purposes. For Infants, due to their Soft Skin.
ID Bands Fall Risk
C-ID160F Adult Yellow Fall Risk ID Bands Patients in need of assistance while standing or walking.
IV Splint
C-IV(Size) (Grey) Adult (A), Child (C), Child-Heavy Duty (C-H), Infant (I), Neonatal (N) Made from Brushed Nylon and Polyesther Foam, with a 3mm aluminium stay. Supplied with Vecro Fasteners. Also available in Child – Heavy Duty. Immobilizing splint, used to keep IV Drips secured.
RestrainerArm Restrainer C-RE(130/135) Adult & Infant Made from Washable Synthetic Wool. Has two tie downs per restrainer. Used by Medical Personnel, to restrain patients to stop them from harming themselves.
StockinetteStockinette C-S-(01-08) 10m x 25, 50, 75,100,150, 200, 250, 300mm Elastic Cotton Tubular Dressing. Used as an under layer in various surgical applications.Stockinette is also used as primary dressing when applying a cast or wound care bandage system
Tubular GripTubular Grip Natural:
C-ST150 (A)
C-ST151 (B)
C-ST-156 (C)
C-ST-152 (D)
C-ST-153 (E)
C-ST-154 (F)
C-ST-155 (G)
C-ST159 (J)
C-ST175 (K)
C-ST177 (L)
A – 4.2cm x 10m
B – 6.25 x 10m
C – 6.75 x 10m
D – 7.5cm x 10m
E – 8.75cm x 10m
F – 10cm x 10m
G – 12cm x 10m
J – 17.5cm x 10m
K – 21.5cm x 10m
L – 32.5cm x 10m
Elasticated Tubular Bandage Provides Support and Exerts a Non-Graduated Compression. When Non-Graduated Compression and Retention is needed.
MedclanetMEDCLANET C-ST(300, 302-304) 0, 2, 3 & 4 Elastic Tubular Net Bandage used to secure dressings. To secure dressings without bandages.
Skin Traction KitSkin Traction Kit C-STK-(01/03) Paediatric & Adult Skin Traction Kit used in Orthopaedics. A tool used in orthopaedic alignment.
TubinetteTubinette C-TN-(00/01) 20m x 15, 25mm Tubular knitted cotton bandage for fingers and toes. 100% Cotton tubular lining used on toes.
Urine CollectorUrine Collector C-UR090 100ml Pediatric Unisex Paediatric Urine Collector Bags Used when urine sample must be collected from an infant.
Urine Leg BagUrine Leg bag “C-UR102 (Long Pipe)
C-UR103 (Short Pipe)
C-UR103S (5cm Pipe)”
750ml Long, Short, 5cm Pipe Velcro strap. Latex free. Sterile. Non-returnable valve, double end with bottom drain. Used for urine collection in mobile patients.
Urine drainage BagUrine Drainage Bag 1 C-UR105 (with NRV) 2000ml Urine drainage bag. Latex free. Sterile. With or without non-returnable valve, double end with bottom drain. Used to collect urine from bedridden patients or to measure the urine output for medical reasons.
Woolpad Sythetic & NaturalWoolpad2 C-W-(02-06) (Synthetic)
50, 75, 100, 150, 200mm Polyesther or Viscose Absorbent Padding Used as undercast padding and padding in wound care.

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